Information about FOLS

Friends of Loudwater School (FOLS)

What exactly is FOLS?

FOLS is the school's equivalent of a PTA (Parent Teacher Association).  It was changed to FOLS because we didn't want to limit those who could participate in fundraising events to parents and teachers only, but wanted to include anyone with an interest, from grandparents to friends.

Why does the school need us?

FOLS exists to raise much needed funds to be used by the school for resources which will enhance the educational experiences for all our children.  For example we are currently helping the school to fund the purchase a class set of tablets to be used in all areas of the curriculum.

How does FOLS operate?

FOLS is run by a committee who get together once a month/every six weeks at the school (usually Tuesday/Wednesday evenings) to decide on and organise forthcoming events.  The committee also encourages other people to volunteer to help at events when needed.

What sort of fundraising events do we run?

Summer Fetes, Christmas Bazaars, Raffles, Children's Discos, Cake Sales, Family Photo Days, Freeze Pop Fridays, Refreshment Stalls and many more.

Why should I get involved?

Like most schools we are always seeking more committee members – the more people involved, the greater the range of ideas for new fundraising events.  The committee is made up of people like you whose main interest is that their children get the most out of their time at primary school.  If you want your children to have the best possible resources, then get involved and help raise the money with us!

What is expected from a committee member?

Committee members are asked to volunteer for tasks; they are never told what to do so if you are uncomfortable with something, you simply don't volunteer for that particular job.  The same applies to running an event; if someone has a good fundraising idea, we will go ahead with it if it is well received and there are enough volunteers to run it.

I may not be able to attend all the committee meetings

Whilst ideally all members should attend the meetings we understand that this is not always possible.  Minutes of the meetings are issued to all members of the committee, whether present or not, so that everyone is aware of what was discussed and what action needs to be taken on any up and coming events.

Not knowing anyone on the committee makes me hesitant to join

We can all be a bit wary of joining a group that already exists. However, we are approachable and welcoming.  The committee, who have children in different classes throughout the school, are a friendly group who welcome new people and fresh ideas for fundraising.

What can I give FOLS?

As much or as little time as you can spare to help either as a Committee Member or as a Helper.  Either way your contribution is of equal importance.  We appreciate comments, ideas and participation on any level.

Most importantly, we need you to attend our events.  If the parents and families don't support our events then we can't raise the funds that we need for our school!

How can I contact FOLS?

If you have any questions, suggestions for future events or some general comments, you can contact Shelley Sheppard, Chairperson, via the school office email -

Finally, please don't think 'they won't miss me' or 'I can't be bothered' – every bit of support makes a huge difference, and is much appreciated.  

So come on, join us in helping to put the fun back in fundraising!

Best regards
Friends of Loudwater School Committee