Information to support pupils and parents

We have carefully risk assessed the safety of the provision we can make for vulnerable children and the children of key workers.  This has been undertaken by school staff and members of the governing board and will be kept under regular review.  Our risk assessment can be found below as well as some guidance documents from the government which you may find helpful.
The link below provides information about what is meant by vulnerable pupils and critical workers
We recognise that this is a challenging time for everyone in our school community.  Our aim is to do everything we practicably can to support pupils and parents to achieve the best possible educational outcomes, making sure that learning can continue for everyone.
Children's work will be posted weekly on Google Classroom. 
  • To reach Google Classroom go to 
  • Pupil's usernames follow the same pattern as their log in for the computers in school followed by 
  • Passwords have been emailed to parents.
  • Click on the Year Group banner.
  • Messages from their teacher will appear on the Stream tab.
  • Work will be posted on the Classwork tab
The video below will help anyone who was unable to attend one of the zoom meetings or if you need further information.  Thanks to Mr Hasyn
Remote Learning
We have developed a policy for remote learning which you can find below.
If you have any questions about the learning please contact your child's teacher to begin with, I am sure they will be able to help.  However, please be aware that teachers are also teaching groups of pupils within school and will not be able to respond immediately.  Children in school are following the same timetable as children learning at home.
We have also developed codes of conduct for ourselves, parents and pupils when using Google Classroom.  These can be found below.  In normal times we would ask you to read these and return a signed copy to school, however given the current situation we are going to assume that you agree with these codes and ask you only to contact us if you have a question about them.
On-line Safety
At this time we are all spending more time on-line and keeping everyone safe and connected is more important than ever.  The article below provides some useful suggestions about how this could  be managed at home.
Well-being for families
This is a challenging time for all of us, which has been recognised by Young Minds.  The link below might be helpful in identifying strategies which may be effective in understanding behaviours and anxieties and how to cope with these.
Catch-up funding
In common with other primary schools we have been allocated 'catch-up' funding from the government.
Below is our action plan for how we plan to or how we have spent the catch up funding to January 2021.  Some changes to the timing of our spending will be necessary due to the current lock-down and move to remote learning.