Visitors to School

1st March 2016
The Dogs' Trust
Gemma from the Dogs' Trust visited Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 to talk to the chidlren about how to be a responsible pet owner.  She explained about how many of the things dogs need to stay healthy and happy are the same as for all of us - healthy diet, plenty of fresh water and somewhere warm and safe to sleep.
Gemma also talked to Year 5 about being the cost of having a pet and how a responsible owner always makes sure they can afford the costs of taking their pet to the vet for regular check ups and injections.
All the children really enjoyed the visit and all that they learned.
Hearing Dogs for the Deaf
This half term Year 1 are learning about the senses in their topic called "Sensational"!
Jake and his handlers from Hearing Dogs for the Deaf came to visit to tell the children about how a dog can be trained to help a deaf person in lots of different and important ways.