Introducing the Parents' Forum

Loudwater School Parents' Forum.

The idea of establishing a parents' forum was one of making sure that the education offered to pupils at Loudwater School is the best that it possibly can be.  A wide range of research recognises that schools that form effective partnerships with their local communities have the greatest success:

  • pupil behaviour is significantly better where there is a close working relationship.
  • achievement is raised because teachers and parents can work toether to improve learning.
  • parents are better able to support their child's learning at home.
At our meeting on 12th March 2019  we discussed  again the values, aims, membership criteria, code of conduct, how often the meetings should be held and how the meetings should be reported. This has been put together to make our Terms of Reference.

Nicky Springle is the Chair of the Parents' Forum

The following parents are class representatives: 

Foundation Stage:  Currently vacant

Year One:  Leah Emery-Barnard (Mum of Matilda) & Michelle Hazell (Mum of Imogen). 

Year Two: Annabel Balderson (Mum of Elizabeth) 

Year Three:  Nancy Smith (Mum of Amy & Freddie Y2) & Jacqui Perryman (Mum of Jasmin)  

Year Four:  Nicky Springle (Mum of George & Chair) 

Year Five: Kelly Leary (Mum of Oscar)

Year Six:  Shelley Sheppard (Mum of Thomas, Logan Y4 & Ellie Lou Y2 Chair of FOLS)