Year Six

Class Teacher - Mrs B Welland
Teaching Assistants:  Miss T Ashby-Wardle, Mrs B Hall & Miss H Iliffe (am)

When your child starts in a new year group, there are often lots of questions that you have. We hope that this information will help you and your child to adjust to any changes.  Staff are always available at the beginning and end of the school day if you have any questions or queries.

Key Dates for Year 6 Pupils

Secondary Transfer Test 7th & 9th September 2021
Key Stage Two SATs tests during the week of 9th May 2022
Year Six residential visit to Windmill Hill 16th to 18th May 2022
Secondary School Induction Day 5th July 2022

The children come straight into class after the gate opens at 8.45.


Monday - Friday 9.00 - 9.30

Spelling & Guided English
Monday - Friday 9.30 - 10.30 - English

Assemblies - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Breaktime - 10.45 - 11.00
Monday - Friday 11.00 - 11.30

Monday 11.00 - 11.30 Spanish

Guided Maths
Tuesday - Friday 11.30 - 12.30 - Maths

Monday - Topic & Indoor PE
Tuesday - Topic
Wednesday - Spanish, Mental Maths & Computing 
Thursday - Outdoor PE & Topic
Friday - Music & RE

You can download the Year Six Curriculum at the bottom of the page.

Curriculum Organisation
You will be informed at the beginning of each term of the blocks to be covered. It is helpful if the children have access to a range of information sources to support these studies. If you have any relevant books, materials or particular expertise which would enhance any of our studies and displays, we would be most grateful. Please ensure that any objects brought into school are clearly named. We will, of course, look after anything sent in.
In addition to the set homework, it is still important that your child reads at home on a regular basis. You can support your child by hearing them read aloud and by asking them questions about the text to develop their comprehension skills. Children need to ensure that their reading book is in school every day.
In Year 6, children may borrow a book from the school library. They will have the opportunity to change this book weekly on a Monday. If you would like to assist with changing books in the library on a regular basis, please let us know.

Physical Education
Although it will be useful for your child to have their PE kit in school every day, the scheduled days for Year 6 PE will be Monday and Thursday.

Home Learning 

Home learning activities will be recorded on the VLE pages of the school website; your child has their own log-in which is through the school website.  Home learning tasks are normally set on a Wednesday and need to be completed by the following Monday.  Children may join the Home learning club which is after school on a Thursday and enables children to have access to any IT facilities they may need to complete their learning tasks.  Please ask in the school office if your child would like to join.

 Water bottles
Throughout the school, children are asked to bring in a named bottle of water each day, which they can drink from in the classroom. These should be sports style bottles rather than screw top bottles. There will be a crate in the classroom for these to be put in each day.
Pencil Cases
Children are provided with a pencil case containing all the items they will need, so there is no need for children to bring in stationery items from home.
Named Clothing
Please can you ensure that all your child’s uniform is named. Obviously most of the uniform looks very similar, so it is hard to return items if there are no visible names! Please can you also ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school on Monday each week.
Year Six Residential Trip
After SATs are finished the year 6 curriclum changes.  One of the additional activities for the class is a residential visit to Green Park Outdoor Centre.  This is located in Aston Clinton and is run by Bucks County Council.  There are a wide range of activities planned.  The dates for the visit are from 9th to 12th June 2020.