Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future – Franklin D Roosevelt



At Loudwater School, we believe that PSHE helps to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy, independent lives. We aim to provide a high quality PSHE provision that will support all pupils to develop life skills which will enable them to manage change, make healthy and safe choices, build character and be resilient, reflective and responsible members of society.

Our PSHE provision has been designed to be age appropriate, whilst being sensitive to the needs of our whole school community to ensure it gives our pupils an education which will support them both now and in the future. Our PSHE provision is underpinned by the 2010 Equalities Act and provides an inclusive curriculum that promotes understanding and mutual respect for all. We reflect diversity within our curriculum to ensure that no pupil feels excluded and teach pupils to understand, respect and celebrate difference and challenge stereotypes.

Our PSHE provision extends beyond the curriculum and includes themed days/weeks, assemblies and fully supports our school’s ethos and values. PSHE is part of our school’s broad and balanced curriculum supporting spiritual, moral cultural, social and cultural education, citizenship, equalities, and safeguarding. The personal, social, health and economic development of our pupils is a vital element of education and we aim to work collaboratively with parents/carers to ensure our children are well informed and supported to make healthy, safe and positive choices in all aspects of their daily lives.

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PSHE Key Objectives

PSHE Progression Map