Year One

Welcome to Year One

Teacher:  Miss Weston
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Singleton & Miss Illife (afternoons)

When your child starts in a new year group, there are often lots of questions that you have. We hope that this information will help you and your child to adjust to any changes.  Staff are always available at the beginning and end of the school day if you have any questions or queries.

The children come straight into class after the gate opens at 8.45.


Mornings Afternoons
8.55 Register & morning work  
9.00 Phonics
9.15 Guided Reading
9.45  English
10.30 Assembly (Tuesday & Friday)
10.45 Playtime 
11.00 Guided Maths
11.30 Maths
12.30 Lunchtime 


Monday: Topic, PSHE & Story

Tuesday:  Topic & Story

Wednesday:  Outdoor PE, Topic & Story

Thursday:  Topic, indoor PE & Story

Friday:  Computing & Story

2.50 - 3.00  Playtime 
3.25 Home time

You can download the Year 1 Curriculum Map at the bottom of the page.

You will be informed at the beginning of each term of the topics to be covered. It would be helpful if the children could have access to a range of information sources to support these studies. If you have any relevant books, materials or particular expertise which would enhance any of our studies and displays, we would be most grateful.
Please ensure that any objects brought into school are clearly named. We will, of course, look after anything sent in.

In school your child will be taught the skills of reading and comprehension through planned guided, shared and independent reading sessions with the teacher. The reading scheme books they bring home support the learning in school. We hear children read at school as often as possible.  Parents support in hearing their child read regularly at home is really valuable in helping children to develop as readers and to develop their love of reading.  We are always grateful for offers of help if any parents are able to come into school to listen to readers in addition to this.  We always aim to change children's books at least once a week. 
Your child will learn to spell through planned, daily phonic/spelling lessons with the teacher. Your child will also bring home a small list of words to practise for a weekly spelling test, currently held on a Monday.  Please ensure your child has his/her spelling sheet in school every Monday - Thank you!

PE will be on a Wednesday and Thursday.  PE kits should be worn to school on these days.

The PE kit consists of black shorts, a t-shirt in house colours, a change of socks and plimsolls.
Pupils will also need a pair of trainers and a dark blue/black tracksuit for outdoor PE. We will be doing Games lessons outdoors on Wednesday. Please ensure all items are clearly named as finding the owner of clothes items can waste valuable teaching time!

Home Learning

We firmly believe that the most beneficial learning activity young children can engage in at home is reading.  This is why our focus is on your child reading at home with you as a regular activity; daily reading and talking about books for about ten minutes is ideal.  We ask that you record what you read in the Reading Record and return this and your child’s school reading book each day.  Whilst we hope that you will share the school reading book with your child it is also valuable to read other materials you have at home or have borrowed from the library and to write details of these in the Reading Record.

There are a range of suggested activities on the class page of Google Classroom which you and your child can access through their log in.  These activities include lists of high frequency words, useful websites to practise phonics and number bonds.  These are updated half termly.  Should you require any of these activities or word lists as a hard copy, please speak to your child’s teacher.

Snack time
In Year 1 the pupils will still receive a piece of free fruit everyday. The fruit will be given to pupils after morning playtime. When we return to school after a half term holiday there is usually no fruit delivery until the next working day, therefore please provide your child/children with a fruit snack on these days, thank you!

Water bottles

We encourage the children to drink plenty of water during the day and therefore would ask for them to be provided with a named water bottle each day. This is vital as it is important that your child can access water in class to avoid wasted learning time by leaving lessons to get a drink.
Please ensure your child's uniform is named. So much upset and time wasting is had when items of clothing go astray and then cannot be returned to the owner.
Please provide your child with a suitable coat/raincoat, hat/sunhat, scarf, gloves etc. depending on the weather. We will be outside during playtimes and lesson times as often as we can. We will only remain indoors during extreme weather conditions!
Once again please ensure all items are clearly named.
Book bags
Your child will need a named book bag to carry their books to and from school. Please do not put your child’s book bag, lunchbox, etc into a rucksack, as we cannot store large bags in our cloakroom. Thank you!

Time to time, we often need resources to help us to enrich the children's learning experiences. We will send home letters or put up posters with requests throughout the year, in the meantime if you could save a few newspapers, kitchen towel rolls, yoghurt pots and any large boxes from special deliveries you may have over the summer e.g. washing machine, computers, fridges etc. we would be very grateful.
We are always grateful to receive any help you can offer, even if it's only 1 hour per week. We always need help with hearing readers, accompanying us on trips out, library book changing and with any expertise/experience/artefacts that you may have that will enhance our topic work!
Please come in and see me if you are able to help and we can arrange a suitable time and day to suit everyone! Thank you!

Welcome to Year 1 - Open House presentation

Year 1 curriculum map 2023-24