Meet the School Governors.

Year Four Governor – Stephen Andrews

Co-opted Governor, Sports Governor, FPP Committee

I became a School Governor at Loudwater School in February 2015 and have taken on roles related to the Finance, Personnel & Premises and Sports Premium as well as now becoming Year Five Class Governor.

I carry out class visits at least once a term where it's a real pleasure meeting the children and teachers. I also meet with the Sports Premium teacher regularly and discuss all aspects of sport at the school. Following these meetings, I write up reports which are uploaded onto GHUB (secure portal) for all governors to read. I attend Raising Attainment Committee meetings, Full Board meetings and ensure I am present at Parents' evenings.

I have one daughter at Loudwater School in Year Six and another daughter who has moved onto Beaconsfield High School. I am married and live locally in Wycombe Marsh. I am a Structural Engineer, predominately carrying out work for domestic properties and commercial properties. My structural background is also useful for carrying out site inspections at the school when required and assisting with the Health and Safety walks with other members of the governing board.

I attend FOLS meetings and have helped out at various events throughout the school year. 

I attend St Peter’s Church in Loudwater where I help out with the children’s work, Kidzone on Sunday mornings and Friday night Youth Group.

I am interested in many sports including football, golf and tennis. I also run regularly and have helped raise money in the past for FOLS by completing the Wycombe Half Marathon.  

Chair of Governors, Year One & Year Six Governor - Paul Randall 

Chair of Governors and Partnership Governor, Literacy Governor, Health & safety Governor, Pupil Premium Governor

As the Partnership Governor and Chair of Governors, I sit on all Committees; Curriculum and Admissions, Finance Personnel & Premises, Raising Achievement, Full Board and Pay Review.

In addition, I have the following roles on the Governing Board: Pupil Premium Governor, English Governor, Health & Safety Governor and Quality Assurance. I am also the Year 1 and Year 6 Class Governor for this academic year.

I have been a member of the Governing Board at Loudwater for just over thirteen years and been the Chair for eleven years!

The role of the chair is to ensure that the Governing Board's role is focused on the core strategic functions of school Governing Boards. We work extremely hard with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that current standards are maintained and that further improvements continue across the school. Even with the experience in Governance that I have, with the ever-changing direction of education and diminishing budgets available to schools, I am still on a steep learning curve!

 I have been fortunate that both of my children had their primary education at Loudwater School.

I am currently a National Leader of Governance, this is a role through the Department of Education for experienced Chairs where the aim is to develop school governance capacity and expertise. This role is through a selection system, currently there are 219 National Leaders of Governance across England. This role has seen me support other Chairs of Governors as well as currently being contracted by the Local Authority to Chair an Interim Executive Board.  I am fortunate this role provides good development opportunities, which allows me to share this with our Governing Board at Loudwater.

Foundation Stage Governor - Amanda Pierce Collinao

Safeguarding and Numeracy Governor, chair of Curriculum & Admissions Committee

I've been a governor for 7 years now - time really flies!  Over the years I have taken on lots of different responsibilities and am currently governor for Safeguarding and Numeracy. I also chair the Curriculum & Admissions Committee. This involves regularly meeting with leaders at our school to monitor the school plan, current practice and to complete reports jointly. Since I started work as a full-time primary school teacher I haven't had as much time to visit the school during the day as regularly as I would like although maintain very close links as my daughter is in Year 6. We all work very hard for Loudwater Combined School and prepare for our governor meetings by reading policies and reports in advance.

We attend any necessary training to help us carry out our role to the best of our abilities. We make sure we regularly challenge and question the leadership team who appreciate our support in ensuring that decisions are made in the best interests of ALL the children. 

I feel privileged to be part of the governing board and know that I am part of our school's journey to excellence. So much goes on in the background at Loudwater - our staff and leadership team work incredibly hard.  Becoming a governor 7 years ago really opened my eyes and eventually led to my decision to train as a primary school teacher 3 years ago.  

Thank you for supporting your children's learning - parenting is such a tough job and you really make a difference!

Please see the document below for details of Governor's Roles and Responsibilities, Interests and Attendance at Meetings.

Year Two Governor - Andy McNeil

Vice-Chair, FPP Chair, SEND governor

‘Wear Sunscreen’

Remember the song by Baz Luhrmann?

In the song he uses the words of Mary Schmich where she offers advice to students, based on her own meandering experiences. It’s worth a listen.

There is a particular line that I like in it, which says “the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40-year olds I know still don’t”. Well, I wouldn’t say I’m interesting but I’m definitely in my 40’s and I’ve had my fair share of meandering experiences. I’ve studied, I’ve been employed, unemployed, self-employed. I’ve worked as a labourer, a manager, a director. I’ve worked in a laboratory, a glass factory, a recycling company, and buildings maintenance. I’ve lived in Sheffield, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Nuremberg, Woking and Loudwater.

I’d say it was a honour to be appointed as a governor 7 years ago and, hopefully, I’ve used my varied experiences to help the governing board. It’s been a very steep learning curve but, as I’ve heard, ‘life begins at the edge of your comfort zone’ so I must be living……..a lot.

Outside of school and work I spend my time acting as my children’s Personal Assistant; organising meetings (play dates), chauffeuring from one activity to another and cooking to their demanding expectations (beans again?!). It’s another unpaid role I enjoy very much!

Year Three Governor - Larissa Bashir

Local Authority Governor, Development governor, Performance Management Governor. FPP committee

I have had two children attend Loudwater School from Foundation Stage up to Year 6 and both are now at Secondary school having loved their time at Loudwater.

I originally became a Parent Governor, but now I am the Local Authority Governor. When my daughter was in Year 1 I soon realised that so much has changed since I was at school and I wanted to know how I could help more with the school.  And wow what an exciting journey the school has been through during this time and the journey still continues…!

Its’ a hard-balancing act juggling working full time, having 2 children and attending meetings but the rewards outweigh all the struggles.  As a governor I am fortunate to be able to go in to see the children at school and can quickly see how far the children are progressing, how they have a great desire to learn and how much they love school!  This is what makes the role so fulfilling and enjoyable.  I am proud to be part of the school and to witness the hard work all the teachers and staff put in to every child.  We are very lucky to have such a caring and hardworking team to nurture and encourage our children to learn.

In between working full time, feeding the kids, watching them play football and being a general taxi service – I like to sit in the peace and quiet and read a book with a strong cup of tea!  Doesn’t happen very often I might add!

Associate Governor - Chris Hawkes

I am 66 years old, married to Jenny, have 2 daughters & a son and 3 grandchildren and have lived in Loudwater since April 1987. I run my own cleaning business and have been on the staff at St Peter’s Church, Loudwater, as Community Projects Coordinator since 1999. 

During this time, I have led a number of community projects and festive events which included writing and editing the local magazine, In Touch with Loudwater for 9 years, chairing the Loudwater Forum for 5 years until December 2013 having served as vice chairman for the preceding 5 years, and led the church Senior Citizens group since January 2011.

I have a high national diploma in Marketing and have been a Governor since September 2012. I am a Local Authority Governor and have responsibility for Equalities and Diversity.


Belinda Welland - Staff Governor

My name is Belinda Welland and I am a staff Governor.  I have been teaching at Loudwater School for 12 years.  During my time at Loudwater School, I have taught mainly in KS2 and have been the Deputy Head and Key Stage 2 Leader the past 4 years.  Currently, I am the Year 6 teacher. Also, I am the Computing Co-ordinator.  

I joined the Governing Body in April 2018.  My role as Governor is to represent the staff, provide a link between the teaching staff and Governors, and be a voice for the teaching staff at Governor meetings.  I am the PSHE and Values Governor. I attend committee meetings for Curriculum & Admissions, Raising Achievement and Full Board.